Bridge Maintenance

Our services encompass a diverse range of specialized construction and repair solutions. From Polyester Paving and ODOT Structure Waterproofing to MPCO Installation, we excel as Manufacturer Certified installers of renowned brands such as Euclid, SIKA, and DSA JOINT PRODUCTS. Our expertise extends to Elastomeric Joint Headers, Concrete Joint, and Modular Joints, ensuring comprehensive coverage in bridge repair, including Class 2 Bridge Repair.

We specialize in both vertical and horizontal Concrete Repair, with a focus on HESC concrete Repairs. Additionally, our proficiency extends to Rapid Set CTS Bridge Overlays and Concrete Panels, End Panel Bridge Joint Seals, and 2-Part Silicone Bridge Joint Installation, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for diverse construction needs.

We offer our bridge maintenance services in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. Contact us today to get started! 503-533-5709

bridge maintenance Services

Choosing RLC Group for your bridge maintenance projects is paramount for ensuring optimal safety, longevity, and performance of critical infrastructure. Here’s why:


• Extensive Experience: With years of experience in bridge maintenance, RLC Group brings unparalleled expertise to every project.

• Specialized Knowledge: Our team possesses specialized knowledge and skills necessary for handling complex bridge maintenance tasks effectively.

• Cutting-Edge Technology: We utilize the latest technologies and innovative solutions to assess, repair, and maintain bridges with precision and efficiency.

• Proactive Maintenance Approach: RLC Group adopts a proactive maintenance approach, identifying potential issues early and addressing them before they escalate, thus minimizing risks and costs.


• Compliance and Safety: We adhere to stringent industry standards and safety protocols, ensuring compliance with regulations and the highest level of safety for workers and the public.

• Comprehensive Solutions: From routine inspections to major rehabilitation projects, RLC Group offers comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each bridge.

• Reliability and Accountability: Clients can rely on RLC Group for reliable, accountable, and timely execution of bridge maintenance projects, minimizing disruptions and ensuring project success.

Trust RLC Group to deliver excellence in bridge maintenance, safeguarding critical infrastructure for the future.

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