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100 percent employee ownedRoger Langeliers Construction Co. emerged on May 15, 1995, as an Oregon corporation with a specialized focus on various aspects of Portland cement concrete. Their expertise lies in the precise placement, expert finishing, precise sawing, and meticulous joint sealing of Portland cement concrete. Additionally, the company extends its proficiency to include the installation of polyester polymer concrete (PPC), asphaltic plug joints, and other essential pavement maintenance tasks, solidifying its reputation as a comprehensive service provider in the construction industry.

A notable aspect of Roger Langeliers Construction Co.’s operations is their dedication to innovation and diversification. Beyond their primary focus on Portland cement concrete, the company has expanded its offerings to include the manufacture of precast curb inlet tops. These products not only serve as a valuable asset for competitors but also find utility in the company’s internal curb and gutter projects, showcasing their commitment to versatility and efficiency in meeting client needs.

With a workforce comprising approximately 200 highly skilled non-union employees, Roger Langeliers Construction Co. stands as a testament to the power of expertise and dedication. Servicing a diverse clientele encompassing public, private, and residential sectors, the company’s workforce is adept at delivering top-notch results consistently. Operating from strategically located main office/shop facilities in Hillsboro, Coburg, Bend, and Medford, Roger Langeliers Construction Co. ensures convenient access and efficient service delivery across its operational areas, further solidifying its position as a leader in the construction domain.

Safety First!

Consistent with our RLC Success Components and the belief that our strength lies in our employees, we assert that the continued health and safety of our people is paramount to the continued success of Roger Langeliers Construction Co. The company has established a zero-accident safety culture that will be achieved by demonstrating the safety core values such as ownership, responsibility, and accountability for safety.

OCAPA Excellence in Concrete winner

Awards | Certificates | Associations

RLC: OCAPA Excellence In Concrete for Marion Street Reconstruction (Salem, OR) 2000

RLC: OCAPA Excellence in Concrete for Bridgeport Village-Concrete Contractor (Tigard, OR} 2006

RLC: OCAPA Excellence In Concrete for Paving Morrow County Fairgrounds 2011

RLC: OCAPA Excellence in Concrete for Paving 1-5: Martin Creek-Anlauf 2015

RLC: OCAPA Excellence in Concrete for Paving Fern Valley Interchange 2017

RLC: OCAPA Excellence in Concrete for Paving OR62: Corridor Solutions Unit 2 (Medford, OR) 2019

OCAPA Excellence in Concrete winner